Rubber Roof Coatings

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Protect Your Rubber Roof

When your rubber roof needs to be protected from the elements, consider a rubber roof coating. This will add a durable layer of protection to your rubber roof materials and will allow it to hold up from wear.

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Rubber Roof Coating Application

Rubber roof coatings are a good method to take to protect your roof from outside influences. You’ll be able to add a waterproof layer to your roof that will protect it from rain and leaks. With a rubber roof, you’ll also have stabilized roofing temperatures due to the roof’s ability to reflect the sun’s rays away from the roof.

As far as style you can pick from a range of colors per your preferences. Application of the roof coating will involve first cleaning the roof of debris and washing it with detergent and water. If there are any cracks make sure to have them repaired prior to application. Once the surface is dry and prepared you’ll be able to apply the coating. It’s important to apply it per instructions in order to have optimal protection.

With a rubber roof coating application, make sure that strokes are even for an even coat. You may be able to apply multiple coat layers for more protection but just make sure that the prior layer has dried completely beforehand. After all the coats have been applied give the roof time to cure before walking on it. As far as maintenance, periodically make sure that it’s free of debris. You’ll be able to extend the life of your roof with proper care.

Applying the coating is relatively easy but it is important to make sure you do it properly in order to get the best results possible. Get set up with a professionally applied rubber roof coating in Dublin, Georgia. We’re here to help at any time.

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A rubber roof is a great way to add protection to your property from the elements and more. Make sure to get it applied professionally by trained and certified roofers for long-lasting results. Olde South Contractors is here to help with your rubber roof coating in Dublin, Georgia. Contact us at 478-251-2037 to learn more about our roofing services.