Built Up Roofing

built up roof

Strengthen Your Roof

Built up roofing is a roofing material that’s been active since the mid-1800s. They provide a sturdy level of protection from daily climate and are a great material to select for your commercial property.

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Built Up Roof Installation

A built up roofing system involves multiple layers of asphalt in between ply sheets or felt. This is placed over the roof deck (vapor retarder) and the insulation of the roof.

This is a multi-layered roof that is water-resistant and can protect from weather changes. If the top layer is damaged the layers underneath will act as a backup to further stop water from entering the property.

Are BUR Multi-Ply Roofs Energy-Efficient?

Built up roofing is able to show strong resistance to heat conduction between the exterior and the interior of the home which will stabilize temperatures and lower the cost of HVAC bills. Insulation has a higher R-value with the thermal performance this type of roof can accomplish.

How Does my BUR Multi-Ply Roof Provide Added Protection?

On top of these advantages, built up roofing is able to provide fire and uplift resistance. This roofing system is tested through Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual Research Corporation to meet the strict fire resistance requirements and ensure adequate uplift resistance from extreme wind conditions.

With fire resistance, it holds an FM1 rating which is the highest one available. With a UL Class A as the best in the field. As for uplift, a BUR system will adhere continuously to each layer which creates a monolithic structure without needing fasteners. This monolithic layering will lower the number of penetrations and stress points caused by fasteners while also increasing wind resistance.

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