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Olde South Contractors is a skilled commercial roof contractor that specialized in commercial metal roofs. Whether you need commercial metal roof installation in Dublin, Georgia, or commercial metal roof repair we’ve got you covered. We provide a variety of metal roof materials and styles to select from that will be able to give your roof the touch of sophistication it requires. Have a roof that will last for 50+ years with upgraded protection from the elements. We’re here to discuss your project goals at any time, give us a call at 478-251-2037 to get started.

Commercial Metal Roofing Contractor in Central Georgia

Metal roofing has been the cornerstone of the commercial roofing industry for decades with many advantages. Olde South Contractors has been installing metal roofing for years and is recognized by Union Corrugating as a Certified Installer. If you are considering a metal roof, here are some things to consider.


  • Extremely durable
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Energy efficient
  • Different panel profile options
  • Quick installs

It’s obvious why metal roofing is such a popular choice for our customers. Olde South Contractors partners with Union Corrugating and GA metals to bring you the finest in metal roof systems. We also offer two fastener options.

Exposed fastener metal roofing systems – use screw fastener systems that are visible on the exterior of the metal roof surface after installation. These exposed fastener metal roofing systems are economical, and this type of metal roofing system has been in service for decades and is extremely popular in a wide variety of metal roofing applications.

In concealed fastener metal roofing systems – such as our standing seam metal roofing system, the screws are completely concealed and protected by the steel roof surface. This metal roofing system gives standing seam panels very clean, aesthetically pleasing lines. The standing seam metal roofing system also exhibits the very best in weather resistance and durability since the metal roof fastener systems are not exposed to the outside elements. We offer the three primary types of standing seam metal roofing systems; screw flange, snap lock, and mechanically seamed system. Each of these standing seam metal roofing system designs uses a slightly different method to secure the panel to the metal roof.

Olde South Contractors is proud to partner with local GA Metals to provide our customers with the best in metal products.

To learn more or get started with commercial metal roof installation in Dublin, Georgia, or repairs contact our team.

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Olde South Contractors is ready to confer with you about your roof. When you require professional commercial metal roof installation in Dublin, Georgia, and repairs we’re here to help. Our roofers are trained and certified to provide you with exceptional results. Get in touch with us today at 478-251-2037 to get started.