Flat Roof Leak Detection and Survey

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Find the Source of Leaks

Olde South Contractors provides professional assistance with flat roof leak detection in Dublin, Georgia. We’ll make an official report as to the condition of your roof with a flat roof survey that will recommend the right course of action to take for repairs or replacements. Call us at 478-251-2037 to learn more.

Flat Roof Leak Survey

A flat roof leak survey involves making a report with observations and recommendations from the surveyor on how to repair or prevent future leaks from occurring. With a flat roof leak survey the extent of damages will be notates and certain areas of the roofing structure may need immediate repairs or replacements. Certain cases may notate that additional insulation or waterproofing measures should be implemented to protect against more water ingress.

You may also see the surveyor rotating any existing warranties that are applicable at the time of the survey with any factors that may have contributed to worsening the current issues. Recommendations of suitable insurance providers can be given who specialize in flat roof repair. You’ll then be given a quote on the cost for repairs or replacement with a timeline of completion. Additional info that is useful may be provided at this time as well.

Although a professional flat roof leak survey can provide you with methods of making sure your property remains watertight and protected from further damage, it’s important to note that it shouldn’t be considered a substitute for an inspection or regular roof maintenance. Indeed, a regular roof inspection will be useful in identifying early signs of deterioration and wear before they grow into major issues. If there is any doubt about the cause of the leak or it seems difficult to repair on your own professional services and advice should always be taken into consideration. A professional roofer’s insight can help you make an informed decision about the specifics of repairs that are needed and how to begin.

For more information on flat roof leak detection in Dublin, Georgia or to book one for your property, contact our team today!

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The team at Olde South Contractors are experienced specialists in surveys, repair work, and replacement services for flat roofs. Our qualified technicians have many years of experience under their belt and will accurately provide flat roof leak detection in Dublin, Georgia. Call us at 478-251-2037. We look forward to helping you find a lasting solution for your leaking roof.