Commercial Foam Roofing in Dublin, Georgia

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Get a Foam Roof For Your Commercial Property

Commercial properties have been using foam roofing for years and will be able to get your roof in a stabilized shape for better longevity. There are different types of foam roofing available so be sure to speak with a professional regarding which materials will be right for your property.

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What is the Best Foam Roof Coating?

The majority of foam that roofers use is considered to be spray polyurethane roof coatings. These roof coatings are the most impact resistant in comparison to other roof coating options and they can withstand higher-than-average traffic. There are two primary types that are used which are aliphatic and aromatic. They can withstand higher-than-average traffic.

Foam Roof Application

A spray foam roof application can be applied directly onto the roof surface. This involved installing closed-cell spray foam directly under the roof surface down to the junction of the ceiling and exterior walls. This will create what’s referred to as a hot roof and will eliminate the need for roof venting where the attic will become part of the heating and cooling space.

How thick should a foam roof be?

It will depend on your property specifications yet a minimum of 1 inch thick is used on most commercial and residential roofs. Thickness may be greater in order to comply with insulation or drainage needs.

How often should a foam roof be recoated?

A foam roof can be recoated every five or ten years depending on the weight or quality of the coating applied previously. Common issues seen with foam roofing can be weather damage, bird droppings and pecking, outside debris, and more. Ultimately, get your roof inspected by a professional to see if a recoat is necessary.

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