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Olde South Contractors is a reputable commercial roofer in Dublin, Georgia. We have over 35 years of experience in the field and are certified and recognized with name brands like GAF, Mule-Hide, Conklin, American WeatherStar, and Union Corrugating. Our trained and certified roofers will be sure to get your roof secured and strengthened to handle the oncoming years. Expect expert work with your repairs, installations, and replacements. We’re here to get you started with your roofing endeavors at 478-251-2037. Call us now to get started.

Range of Services

From metal roofing, roof coatings, to roof restoration we’re able to provide you with a range of roofing options to consider with your property. Along with installations and replacements, we also provide repairs and roof restoration. These options are something to consider when you only require minimal repairs or wish to elongate the life and protection of your roof until a replacement is necessary. The latter, roof restoration, will be able to do so by applying a restorative new layer to your roofing system to fill in any cracks or cover any wear until a replacement is needed years down the line.

As with any roofing service, make sure that you get a roof inspection. A thorough roof report will detail the condition of your roof and accurately list the damages seen on your roofing system. With this report, you and your qualified roofer can discuss the solutions that can be done to get your roof in stable shape. A roof inspection is essential to have in order to make sure repairs are localized and that the right service is being applied to your roof. What’s more, leaks and other damages can be located and treated before further roofing services are applied.

Depending on the materials of your roof and the type of roofing system that you have certain solutions like roof coatings may be more necessary than others. That’s because things like roof coatings are developed to match with particular kinds of substrates in order for it to adhere better. Talk to your local roofer to see what kind of solution would work best with your commercial roof.

Olde South Contractors is always happy to discuss your options and get you fixed up with the right kind of service. We’re a reliable and skilled roofer in Dublin, Georgia that will get your roof in the best shape it can be in. To get scheduled with services, give us a call at 478-251-2037 today.

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