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Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing is a concealed fastener metal panel system that features vertical legs and a broad, flat area between the two legs. It’s also described as having raised seams, or vertical legs, that rise above the level of the panel’s flat area. Standing seam systems have fasteners that are hidden, whether the panel is attached to the roof deck using a clip or is directly fastened to the deck under the vertical leg utilizing a fastener flange. Standing seam is considered a higher quality system that is commonly used on architectural and commercial buildings.


  • No Exposed Fasteners – Easily one of the most significant benefits of standing seam metal roofing is that no fasteners are visible on the surface, which means they aren’t exposed to UV, moisture, wind, and other elements that can cause a fastener to wear or fail over time. Standing seam systems don’t put holes in the panels that are protecting your structure. Plus, some people see fastener heads as unsightly, which is why using a standing seam system to hide them is common. (Note: There are flashing materials and details that require rivets and exposed fasteners to function correctly.)
  • Warranties – Another safeguard of standing seam systems are the warranties, specifically the weather-tight warranties, which are offered by reputable manufacturers. These warranties promise that the metal roofing system will not leak or fail during specific weather conditions; if it does, the manufacturer is responsible for remediating the issue. (Please note: Most weather-tight warranties are only available for commercial projects.)
  • Allows for Thermal Movement – When you restrict the expansion and contraction needed for proper thermal movement of a metal panel, you can run into problems, such as oil canning, fastener withdrawal, increased noise, and more. In standing seam roofing systems, the panels generally aren’t double pinned (if installed to our recommended details), meaning they can expand and contract better. This is especially true if slider/expansion clips are installed or if it’s a snap-lock system where the metal can move freely with a clip.
  • Longevity and Lifecycle – Metal roofing lasts significantly longer and requires less maintenance, especially when compared to other roofing types, such as asphalt shingles or concrete tiles. Since fasteners don’t penetrate the surface of the metal on a standing seam system, regular maintenance to check for withdrawing, loose, or damaged fasteners is even less frequent. However, maintenance on a standing seam roof is still essential which must often be performed by a professional contractor. Also, standing seam metal roof systems typically offer a PVDF paint system, which will increase the lifespan of the appearance of your roof.
  • Engineered Systems Tested to Perform to High Standards – Engineered standing seam metal roof systems are tested to the high standards set forth by industry leaders, including ASTM, UL, and FM Approvals. Requests for engineered construction materials are becoming more and more popular, especially with commercial structures in hurricane and high-wind zones. Engineered standing seam metal roofing systems typically adhere to testing standards for wind uplift, air leakage, water penetration, fire/combustion resistance, and impact resistance.
  • Sleek, Consistent, and Modern Look – Standing seam is becoming more and more popular in architectural applications because of its modern and clean look. In addition to the sleek, straight lines offered by these panel systems, the metal can come in virtually any color, including custom colors, to match any structure.
  • Architectural Freedom – Standing seam systems can be used on structures with many different planes and sophisticated, complex designs, which is another reason why architects are specifying these systems more often.
  • Energy Efficient – Standing seam systems are frequently made with cool roofing coils that have highly reflective paint pigments and highly emissive metal. This means these systems do an excellent job of reflecting the sun’s rays and dispelling the associated radiant heat that other roofing types may retain. In other words, cool roofing can help a building’s cooling system work less to keep the indoors cool. There is also a variety of ENERGY STAR® rated colors and finishes to choose from.
  • Different Material Options – Some consumers think that standing seam metal roofing is only available in Galvalume or other steel substrates. In fact, painted aluminum, zinc, and copper are all viable options for standing seam profiles. Remember to look for and ensure that these alternatives are installed to local building codes, as installation methods can vary from steel to these other materials.
  • Mounting Options – One of the best parts about standing seam is the option to mount items, such as solar panels, snow retention systems, swamp coolers, or other rooftop additions, without penetrating or making any holes in the surface of the roof. For more about reliable mounting clamps and other hardware, check out our partners at S-5.

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