Traditional Metal Roofing

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When you’re looking for a way to strengthen your roofing system while adding protection consider metal roofing. Olde South Contractors provides assistance with traditional metal roofing in Dublin, Georgia. Get the classic look of metal roofing for a modern yet traditional style. To get started with this roofing system give our team of experts a call at 478-251-2037.

Traditional Metal Roofs

Traditional metal roofing consists of metal panels that are attached to the structure with exposed fasteners through the face of the metal and directly into the roof deck or framing below. The panel edges lap one another, and the fastener goes through both layers of metal. It’s called an “exposed fastener” because the head of the fastener is visible and not hidden by a seam. An exposed fastener system is typically considered the economical choice of metal roofing and is classically used on residential, structural, industrial, and agricultural buildings.


  • Less expensive – One of the most significant benefits of choosing exposed fastener metal roofing is that it’s less expensive, especially when compared to standing seam systems. There are many reasons for the lower price, including:
    • Wider panels (up to 36”)
      • Fewer metal panels need to be purchased.
      • Less labor is needed because the wider panels cover the roof faster.
    • Thinner gauge panels
      • Exposed fastener systems generally use 29 to 26-gauge metal, which is thinner and cheaper
    • Fewer accessories to purchase
      • Exposed fastener systems are directly fastened down to the structure through the metal, so there’s no necessity to buy any kind of clips. This can save on costs for the buyer.
      • Exposed fastener systems usually use fewer accessories and different flashing products, like foam closures, to install the roof system. Again, this cuts down on costs and speeds up the installation.
    • Quicker installation
  • Available for a variety of roof panel options

Exposed Fastener Metal Roofs


With exposed fastener metal you’ll have panels that are resistant to pests, fire damage, and weather. You’ll have durability with exposed fastener metal roofs which means maintenance-free and long roof life. With a properly installed exposed fastener system, you should get 20-30 years of roof life out of your roof.

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